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Study a double degree in secondary teaching and technology at the University of Newcastle and promote innovation.

Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) / Bachelor of Technology

Why study with us?

Study teaching at the University of Newcastle

Study secondary teaching and technology at the University of Newcastle and explore the frameworks for technological exploration. 

Technology teachers help students to apply skills and knowledge to real life situations. They encourage students to design, make, and evaluate products and systems, learn about innovation, study a range of technological applications and explore the impact of technology on society and the environment.  

If you are passionate about current and emerging technologies and feel inspired to share your knowledge, then a combined degree in secondary teaching and technology will lead you to a rewarding teaching career.

The Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)/Bachelor of Technology at the University of Newcastle creates graduates who have the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for a highly successful career in teaching.

The School of Education at the University of Newcastle is the largest provider of on-campus initial teacher education in Australia. Our teaching degree aims to develop graduates who are inspirational teachers with the capability to act professionally, ethically and effectively in their Secondary school destinations. They are insightful scholars that actively engage in rational enquiry into curriculum, policy and practice and they are innovative leaders that play a constructive role in public discourse on and beyond education.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)/Bachelor of Technology degree will be eligible for registration with the NSW Institute of Teachers.

What you will study