When you study secondary teaching and technology at the University of Newcastle you will explore current and future technologies and their respective impacts on

Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) / Bachelor of Technology

What you will study

What you will studyThe Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)/Bachelor of Technology is offered at our Callaghan Campus. As a student of this specialist teaching degree you will study a diverse program designed to make you a highly skilled technology teacher.

The secondary teaching/technology degree requires the successful completion of 320 units of study that are normally offered as 40 units per semester for eight semesters. A part time equivalent study option is available, as you may choose to study part time, or apply for leave during the program. However, to qualify for teacher accreditation with the NSW Institute of Teachers, you must complete all of the courses listed on your program within a five year period.

When you study secondary teaching and technology at the University of Newcastle you will benefit from a diverse study program that combines traditional campus based learning with practical work placement within Secondary schools.

First year study

In your first year of the Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)/Bachelor of Technology degree you will be introduced to the foundations of education and commence studies in how to teach:

  • design and technology
  • information communications design
  • product design

The secondary teaching/technology degree allows you to focus your studies on multiple areas of interest in the form of a major and a minor discipline area. In your first year you begin to select courses in one of the following major areas of study that will constitute your focus throughout the duration of your degree.

  • computing technology-information systems
  • computing technology-software design,
  • design and technology,
  • industrial technology,

Second year study

In the second year of your teaching degree you will study the theory behind learning and education. More specifically the:

  • control technologies
  • graphic design
  • model-making
  • psychology of learning and teaching
  • social contexts of education
  • the theory and practice of classroom and behaviour management

You will also continue in your major area of study and engage in your first 20-day supervised professional experience placement in a secondary school. You will also have the opportunity to begin your elective minor studies in one of the following technologies that is different from your major:

  • computing technology-information systems
  • computing technology-software design
  • design and technology.
  • engineering technology
  • food technology
  • industrial technology
  • textiles technology

Third year study

During year three of the Bachelor of Secondary Teaching and Technology degree you will study special education, or how to work with children who have additional learning needs. From this you will have the opportunity to employ the strategies you learnt in your 20-day supervised professional experience placement. Alongside this, you will complete studies in Aboriginal education, policy and issues, and expand your technology mandatory repertoire by studying how to teach timber and metal technologies.

At this point in your studies you will have the choice of completing additional studies by studying other electives across the university.

Fourth year study

In your final year you will focus on how to teach the discipline-specific literacies of your subject area, and have the opportunity to focus on the curriculum and pedagogy of your major discipline area. Your year will conclude with a 50-day internship where you will take the leadership of a series of technology classes in a secondary high school. You will also continue with your elective studies.

This Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)/Bachelor of Technology is subject to approval from the NSW Institute of Teachers.For further information regarding the course program associated with this teaching degree please visit the handbook page.

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