Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) / Bachelor of Fine Art

Career opportunities

Secondary Teaching / Fine Art

Bachelor of Secondary Teaching / Bachelor of Fine Art graduates will have the skills, abilities and knowledge sought after by a broad range of employers. On completion of the degree, graduates can expect to be:

  • Inspirational teachers who act professionally, ethically, and effectively through their:
    • knowledge of curriculum, pedagogy, learning and assessment;
    • critical insights into curriculum, policy and practice;
    • appreciation of, and respect for, student diversity and education’s important role in realising socially just and sustainable futures;
    • capacity to communicate effectively, for a variety of purposes, using a range of strategies and technologies; and
    • understanding of their legal, social and collegial responsibilities as members of the teaching profession. 
  • Insightful scholars who engage in rational enquiry into the theory and practice of education through their:
    • critical engagement with educational research;
    • critical appreciation of the historical, philosophical and socio-cultural contexts of education;
    • critical and creative reflection upon the aims and practices of the teaching profession;
    • capacity for life-long self-directed learning; and
    • commitment to the principles of academic honesty and integrity.
  • Innovative leaders who play a constructive role in public discourse within and beyond education through their:
    • commitment to continuous improvement in pedagogical practice;
    • capacity to respond creatively and effectively to educational change;
    • capacity to act autonomously and collaboratively in educational settings;
    • ability to communicate effectively about educational issues; and
    • recognition of their role as responsible participants and partners in local, national and global communities.

Sample Jobs

The following list provides some example jobs available to graduates of a Bachelor of Secondary Teaching / Bachelor of Fine Art. Some of these jobs will depend on the amount and level of study undertaken, level of experience, the combination of other majors and electives studied, while some may require further study.


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