When you study primary teaching and arts at the University of Newcastle you will graduate with the essential skills for a successful career in teaching.

Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) / Bachelor of Arts

What you will study

What you will studyThe Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)/Bachelor of Arts is offered as a four year full-time degree or part-time equivalent. The specialist teaching degree requires the successful completion of 320 units of study that are normally offered as 40 units per semester for eight semesters.

When you study primary teaching you will benefit from various opportunities to integrate your learning within a classroom setting. Practical school placements are an essential component of your primary teaching degree and from the second to fourth year of study you will complete the equivalent of 90 days professional experience in relevant school settings. 

First year study

In your first year you will be introduced to the foundations of primary education, commence studies in how to teach the K-6 Science and Technology curriculum and engage in primary teaching studies that will expand your knowledge of science, health and physical education, language and literacy development, mathematics, and creative arts.

Second year study

In your second year of the Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)/ Bachelor of Arts you will study the psychology of learning and teaching, the social contexts of education and the theory and the practice of classroom and behaviour management.

You will commence studies in how to teach the K-6 curriculums for English, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, and you will study Aboriginal Education, Policy and Issues. You will also have the opportunity to begin in-depth studies in an area of your choice from the list below:

  • Aboriginal studies, ancient or modern history, society and culture, geography, or studies of religion.
  • English, literature, and linguistics
  • health and physical education
  • mathematics
  • music, fine art, or drama
  • science, psychology, and/or technology

Third year study

The third year of your primary teaching degree you will study special education, or how to work with children who have additional learning needs. You will continue your curriculum studies in K-6 mathematics, K-6 human society and its environment, and K-6 creative arts and you will carry on your in-depth study area of choice.

Fourth year study

In your final year of the Bachelor of Primary Teaching and Arts you will study advanced literacy and numeracy theory and practice. You will also have the opportunity to complete four free elective courses, and one elective that examines "sustainable communities". Your year will conclude with a 50-day internship where you will assume leadership for a class in a primary school.

Additional specialisation options

In this primary teaching degree you will have the opportunity to take four elective courses of your choice. These may be taken in any area that you like, or in areas that will provide you with an additional competitive advantage in the job market upon graduation. Areas of specialisation that are available in this program and that may provide you with an edge in the career market include:

  • completion of an in-depth study major
  • special education
  • Honours research.

This Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)/Bachelor of Arts is subject to approval from the NSW Institute of Teachers. 

For information regarding the program structure for the Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)/Bachelor of Arts, assumed knowledge and other special requirements, please visit the handbook page.

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