Graduate with an Honours degree in speech pathology and gain a career advantage.

Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)

Why study with us?

Study Speech Pathology at the University of Newcastle

Our flagship Speech Pathology degree is renowned as the most comprehensive program in Australia.

The Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) is a highly specialised degree that equips graduates with the knowledge, confidence and practical skills needed to pursue a career as a professional speech pathologist.

Speech pathologists are allied health professionals responsible for the assessment and treatment of children and adults with communication and swallowing disorders, for example, delayed speech and language development, cleft lip and palate, voice disorders and stuttering."


At UON, we offer flexible opportunities, pathways, and a strong clinical program, as well as regional and international links.

You will have comprehensive hands-on clinical experience in a range of work placements. Speech pathology clinical placements occur in multiple settings on-campus, across Australia and overseas through our Southeast Asia stream.



The Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours) degree is accredited by the Speech Pathology Association of Australia, the professional association of speech pathologists, and is recognised in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

For more detailed information on our expertise in the area of speech pathology, see a list of Speech Pathology contacts in the School of Humanities and Social Science.

What you will study