The Bachelor of Social Work promotes experience-based learning to empower graduates with work-ready skills that will make an impact.

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

What you will study

Social work is a rewarding and challenging profession dedicated to social justice, equity, positive change and development.


The Bachelor of Social Work degree is an experience-based degree, integrating theory, practice and social work values within the study framework. When you study social work you will complete core courses in:

  • Social work
  • Aboriginal studies
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Sociology and Anthropology; and,
  • A directed course in Law.


Through this thoughtful combination of traditional lecture-based teaching and hands-on What you will studypractical training, the social work degree prepares you for practice as a professional social worker.

You will be confident and ready to work with organisations, groups, families and individuals to address inequality and promote the well-being of people in society.


UON Social Work graduates enjoy a work-ready reputation in the industry.

You will enjoy exciting field work and diverse work placements that develop your skills and prepare you for professional work after graduation. Benefit from an emphasis on self-directed learning, along with well-planned and supported field education placements.

For more information about the Bachelor of Social Work, please refer to the handbook.

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