Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

Career opportunities

Social Work

Graduate attributes for the Bachelor of Social Work are the skills, abilities and knowledge sets that are highly sought after in the industry. Below is the complete list of attributes that graduates will have demonstrated upon the completion of the degree.

Graduate Attributes

  • Understanding of society, how it has developed and how it is organised.
  • Knowledge of social welfare arrangements, their history and organisation and of the law in Australia.
  • Knowledge of individual behaviour and development within social contexts.
  • Ability to analyse macro, meso and micro causal impacts on human life.
  • Knowledge and skill in the range of social work interventions: interpersonal practice, advocacy, groupwork, community work, social action, research and social policy.
  • Competence in interpersonal , communication, negotiation and mediation skills.
  • Skills in reflective and critical thinking and analysis, data collection and management.
  • Skills in the assessment of social work practice situations and ability to make informed judgements about appropriate interventions and responses.
  • Skills in recognising and analysing ethical issues and adherence to the AASW code of ethics.
  • Ability to analyse the social, political, economic, historic, cultural and ecological factors impacting upon social work practice contexts, giving particular attention to dimensions of power and disadvantage.

Sample Jobs

Graduates gain employment in a range of social work roles, however the knowledge and skills of social work graduates means that they can gain employment in a very broad range of jobs. Below is a sample of job titles and descriptions that includes positions suitable for social work graduates as well as positions that will require further study or experience.


Honours Achievers