Meet our achievers for the Bachelor of Social Work.

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)


Meet our achievers for the Bachelor of Speech Pathology


"You get a range of practical experience from first year right through to fourth year. You will get to work with communication in children right through to adults in hospitals."

Speech Pathology achievers"I always felt individually supported by my lecturers, not just another face in the crowd. The multiple clinical experiences I undertook within the speech pathology degree allowed me to practically apply my knowledge in a variety of settings, and be more prepared for the workforce. What I find most rewarding about my role is working in a multidisciplinary team and continually developing my skills. Being thanked by a patient or their family is always a highlight – it's so satisfying to know that I'm in some way making a difference" - Liz

"I made the decision to study at university because of my desire to have a professional career and continue studying at a tertiary level. The Bachelor of Speech Pathology offers great practical experience, preparing me for my dream career to work with adult patients in a hospital. When I complete my undergraduate studies, I hope to continue onto study at postgraduate level" - Emily

"Newcastle is one of the few universities in NSW that offer the Bachelor of Speech Pathology. I am gaining valuable knowledge from the experienced lecturers at the Uni, not only about speech pathology, but about the world. The program offers great practical clinical experience throughout, preparing me for my dream career in an acute hospital setting, working with adults with speech, language and swallowing difficulties" - Emma

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