Study a Bachelor of Science with a photonics major at the University of Newcastle and learn about the process of producing, manipulating and detecting light.

Bachelor of Science


Why study a photonics major at the University of Newcastle?

The University of Newcastle pioneered the establishment of a program in photonics, where you learn about the science of producing, manipulating and detecting light.

This field incorporates optical fibres and their use in modern communications technology, which is the only apparent solution for the growing societal demand for bandwidth.

Our photonics major reflects the latest developments happening in the world including the National Broadband Network currently being rolled out across Australia.

In first year of your Bachelor of Science photonics major you will receive an introduction to physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and laboratory skills. You will build on this knowledge through your three-year program and undertake your own research project in photonics with university or industry researchers in your third year.

Our facilities are fully equipped and continually developed to ensure you have access to the latest training tools and software, including computer interfacing and instrument control.

When you study the Bachelor of Science majoring in photonics you will complete the degree over three years of full-time study (or part-time equivalent) at our Newcastle campus. There is an opportunity to take an additional Honours year after completing your degree, with Master and PhD programs also available.

There are a wide range of possible careers in photonics. As a graduate you will have a versatile skill set and can find employment in all areas of technology such as:

  • Astronomical telescope detector manufacture
  • Defence research and the air force
  • Laser supply companies
  • Multi-national telecommunications companies
  • Optical fibre design and device development
  • The petrochemical industry and medical physics

The photonics major within the Bachelor of Science is only available at our Newcastle campus.