Study a Bachelor of Science with a co-major in mathematics at the University of Newcastle and combine your interests in maths and science.

Bachelor of Science


Why study a mathematics co-major at the University of Newcastle?

Graduates with a strong mathematical background are highly sought after in the workplace, particularly in areas such as insurance companies, computer based projects and for problem solving in areas like manufacturing or scheduling.

A co-major is a stream of study you choose to specialise in within the Bachelor of Science along with another major of your choice. The mathematics co-major can only be taken with another science major not including statistics.

Our maths co-major within the Bachelor of Science complements and supports the other sciences you may also be studying. This could range from mathematical modelling used throughout natural sciences, to complex analysis used in physics.

When you study maths you will strengthen your understanding in the principal areas of modelling, statistical analysis, data management and science communication.

The University of Newcastle is home to leading mathematicians, which means your teaching will include the latest research developments happening in the real world.

Career opportunities opened up by a mathematics co-major will vary depending on the other science subjects you choose to study. A wide range of careers available to mathematicians include:

  • Business analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Defence scientist
  • Ecosystem modeller
  • Financial engineer
  • Mathematical biologist
  • Meteorology
  • Software engineer
  • Teaching

An optional Honours program is available to high achieving students at the end of their undergraduate degree. This involves advanced coursework and a research project.

If you are interested in focusing your studies mainly in mathematics and statistics you are encouraged to consider the Bachelor of Mathematics or combined Bachelor of Mathematics and Bachelor of Science degree.