Bachelor of Psychology

Career opportunities


Graduate attributes for the Bachelor of Psychology are the skills, abilities and knowledge that are required to practice in the psychology field. The attributes are highly sought after by an even broader range of employers. Below is the complete list of attributes that graduates will have demonstrated upon the completion of the degree.

Graduate Attributes

  • Committed to utilisation of evidence-based practices in Psychology. 
  • Capable of locating and understanding relevant sections of the psychological literature in order to make informed decisions about best practices (good research consumers).
  • Able to evaluate new practices and applications on the basis of evidence provided by others.
  • Capable of directly contributing to the scientific evaluation of new practices and applications through the application of appropriate methodologies.
  • Able to apply theoretical and empirical knowledge in a real-world context.
  • Able to understand ethical principles involved in research and practice of psychology, and a commitment to act in an ethical manner.
  • Able to use independent thinking in order to arrive at ethical solutions to a range of research and applied psychology problems.
  • Able to understand the role of APS and registration boards in the training of psychologists.
  • Able to understand the seven certificates required by the NSW Psychologist's registration board, and to be trained to a preliminary level in each of them.

Sample Jobs

Below is a sample of job titles and descriptions that includes positions suitable for graduates of the Bachelor of Psychology four year accredited program as well as positions that will require further study or experience, such as Clinicial Psychologists.


Honours Achievers