Meet our achievers in the Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Newcastle.

Bachelor of Psychology


Meet our Achievers from the Bachelor of Psychology

"Psychology is a great degree. You are exposed to many different areas in which psychological theory and practice can be applied. The lecturers are fantastic and there is an excellent research base within the School of Psychology" - Heidi.

"I am currently working for Advanced Personnel Management as a Rehabilitation Consultant/Intern Psychologist. My degree was extremely valuable in teaching me how to convert the knowledge I was gaining into practical skills and applications for my career.

I chose Newcastle because it was the closest uni to my hometown that offered psychology degrees. Secondly, Newcastle is a great place to live, study and work.

The most rewarding aspect of the degree was gaining knowledge and skills that would assist me in my professional career and being able to do so in a great environment.

My advice to other psychology students is to keep an open mind, consider areas within psychology you may not have previously considered - you may be surprised. Everyone at the University of Newcastle is extremely helpful. Never be afraid to ask for help from staff or your peers" - Kasey.

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