When you study podiatry at the University of Newcastle you will graduate with an exciting career scope.

Bachelor of Podiatry

Career opportunities

Graduates of the Bachelor of Podiatry will have:

1. A current and in-depth knowledge of podiatry and the roles of a podiatrist.

2. The ability to work safely and effectively as a podiatrist.

3. The ability to contribute to and work effectively in multidisciplinary health teams with other practitioners.

4. The ability to identify and analyse complex problems within podiatry practice and develop solutions to these problems.

5. The knowledge and skills to perform in a socially responsible manner, to communicate complex concepts effectively, and to engage in life-long learning.

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Careers by major

The Bachelor of Podiatry is a very specialised qualification and graduates are likely to find work in private practice or possibly hospital settings. The jobs listed below include more detailed information on the typical career paths for Podiatry graduates.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Podiatry, graduates will be eligible for registration as a Podiatrist. Areas such as Podiatric Surgery will require the completion of further study to gain qualification.

Not everyone uses their degree in the same way and the transferable skills gained through university study may allow graduates to pursue a range of careers that might not be directly linked to their study. Below is a sample list of job titles that might be suitable for graduates with the skills gained upon completion of the Bachelor of Podiatry.

Some of these jobs will depend upon the amount and level of study undertaken, level of experience, and the combination of other majors and electives studied, for example some may require further study.

Honours Achievers