Bachelor of Oral Health

Career opportunities

Oral Health

Bachelor of Oral Health graduates will have the skills, abilities and knowledge sought after by a broad range of employers. On completion of the degree, graduates can expect:

  • The ability to promote oral health in the contexts of general health and population health,
  • A provision of oral health education to individual patients, health professionals and the wider community,
  • A provision of preventive oral health care to individuals,
  • An education of the future of oral health practitioners,
  • The ability to develop and administer oral health programs, and undertake research in oral health care.

Sample Jobs

The Bachelor of Oral Health will not qualify a student to become a Dentist but will allow graduates to work closely with practitioners in clinics and perform a range of specialist tasks. The sample job titles listed include a range of opportunities for graduates at degree, honours and postgraduate study levels and may vary based experience.


Honours Achievers