Bachelor of Nursing


Meet our achievers from Nursing


"Nursing is a field where you will never be without a job no matter where you go and there are so many opportunities to do so much within the nursing field."


"There are plenty of different areas to work in within Nursing: you can work in a hospital, schools or as an educator."

Achievers in Nursing"The best thing about my job at St Vincents Hospital is being able to put what I learnt at Uni into practice. The hands-on experience I got through lab work and practical placements gave me the skills I needed to hit the ground running when I began work at the hospital.

I have always wanted to be an emergency nurse, which is why I chose St Vincents Hospital. I have been successful in gaining a four month rotation in the emergency department as a new graduate, which is really rewarding" - Gemma

"I chose nursing as a career as I liked its diversity and the flexibility it offers to steer my career into different areas. I have always enjoyed learning about the human body so the science aspect of nursing was appealing. I knew it would be a very rewarding career and would be perfectly suited to my personality – I love working and communicating with people. Ultimately, it was the fantastic opportunities to combine travel and work that appealed to me" - Alexandra

"The University of Newcastle has provided lots of practical experience. I enjoy the clinical placement as it allows you to develop interpersonal and hands-on nursing skills. It also provides exposure to various aspects and disciplines of nursing, and with each placement my confidence increases as I am able to relate the theory I learn in the classroom to professional practice" - Cheryl

"Studying nursing at the University of Newcastle will really take me places. I hope to continue my studies at a postgraduate level and work in a position that allows me to combine work and travel" - Tom

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