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Meet our achievers in the Bachelor of Natural History Illustration at the University of Newcastle

Bachelor of Natural History Illustration


See a selection of work by students from the Bachelor of Natural History Illustration

Meet our achievers

"I am currently building up my business as a natural history artist in Newcastle. I provide illustrations for publications and galleries, organise and run plant drawing workshops in regional areas of NSW and Queensland, and have invented a few illustration tools for botanical illustrations.

This degree provided me with the answer I was searching for after school. I loved both art and science and this allowed me to do both.

The practical experience of the program was invaluable. I made contacts with outside institutions, which led to work opportunities after I had completed my studies at uni.

With the right attitude, a little guidance and contacts you'll discover the career opportunities are endless" - Christine.

"This program has a great reputation and Newcastle is the only university in Australia to conduct it. It was a great way to combine my love of nature and drawing" - Fiona.

"With a practical component, incredibly knowledgeable staff and great facilities, you can't go wrong when choosing this program" - Lauren.

"All the staff are so helpful. They are always there to offer support and encouragement" - Prue.

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