The Bachelor of Music at the University of Newcastle combines specialist tuition, traditional teaching and performance.

Bachelor of Music

What you will study

When you study Music at the University of Newcastle (UON), you may focus on:

  • Performance (instrumental/voice)students in production
  • Composition
  • Creative music production
  • Or, a combination through a double major.

Our Music degree program at UON fosters collaborative activities between performance, composition and creative production students.

As a UON Bachelor of Music student, you will:

  • Receive individual and group tuition in your principal instrument
  • Attend hands-on classes in essential core academic curricula
  • Enjoy the opportunity to study a variety of electives.


For an overview of what our current students are studying, download our Program Plan.

2010-2016 Program Plan - B Music (PDF, 704KB)

For more information on program structure and admission requirements, please visit the handbook page.


You will undertake most of your classes at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, and will enjoy industry level facilities, technologies and resources. Our students also benefit from our strong community, alumni and industry networks.

Students studying music will be based primarily in Newcastle Conservatorium in the university's City Precinct. Located right next to Civic Park in the heart of the Newcastle CBD this location puts students within easy walking distance of such key located features as Town Hall, Newcastle Library, Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, Hunter Street Mall, Market Town shopping centre, as well as the social life and, most importantly, live music venues of Darby Street, the Civic Theatre, the Honeysuckle foreshore and the numerous surrounding galleries and live venues.

Music students enjoy access to the City Precinct library which houses a specialist collection focusing on classical European and Australian contemporary music as well as over 32,000 musical scores and collections in music therapy and ethnomusicology.

Creative Music Production Suite

After a $750,000 renovation in 2011, our Creative Music Production facility has become a nucleus for musical technological creativity that attracts students globally. It contains a lab (20 music workstations), control room, recording room, editing booths, a seminar room plus an analog recording studio. It has over thirty digital recording systems including four mobile recording studios (for onsite-recording of music performances), three rooms equipped with surround sound and a mastering suite. 

A key feature of the new area is a customised video conferencing facility allowing students to obtain lessons with music professionals from anywhere in the world. The facility also includes an integrated ethernet audio network providing high quality low latency recording from any room in the Conservatorium and from anywhere in the world (over the internet using IPv6).

We also believe improvisation, creativity working with technology are important musicianship skills for today's musicians. Digital ensembles such as creating and performing with MIDI controlled devices or a laptop orchestra are also on offer. Music production skills are crucial to the modern musician, and all students have the opportunity to develop skills in this area. The Creative Music Production facility at the University of Newcastle Conservatorium boasts state of the art music technology facilities.


The Harold Lobb Concert Hall is a premier facility, which is in constant demand for concerts by local, interstate and international artists as it is regarded as one of the finest acoustic venues in Australia . This 400 seat concert hall is also available for University staff and students, as well as members of the public to hire for private functions. Additionally, our creative production, recording and computer labs are available for all types of classes.

As well as providing lessons in classical music performance, we open our doors to all styles of music. You can often hear rock, jazz, pop, folk and electronic sounds emanating from our buildings.

City Precinct

The Conservatorium is within walking distance of most areas of Newcastle or can be reached in a few minutes from Civic Train Station or by multiple bus routes. Click here for transport options.

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Campus Security can be contacted from the blue security phones in the foyer and on the ground floor or for emergency calls on (02) 492 15888. A uniformed security guard patrols the city precinct of the University between 3:00pm and 11:00pm and can be reached on 0400 243 022.

Music mid-year auditions

Final examinations can include a public recital or presentation. For composers, public performances of your music are an essential part of your music program.

For more information about the Bachelor of Music program, please refer to the handbook.

Double degree: Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Arts

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