Study the Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Newcastle and explore the very latest information processing technologies.

Bachelor of Mathematics

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Mathematics at the University of Newcastle

"I like that you can relate applied [mathematics] back to real world situations... you can get into a company or business and really help them out" - Lauren

The University of Newcastle offers one of the few specialised Bachelor of Mathematics programs available in Australia. Our leading academics contributed to our University being ranked among the top in the country for applied mathematics in the 2015 Excellence in Research for Australia rankings, as well as being ranked in the top 250 in the world according to the 2016 QS World subject rankings*.

Without maths, interpreting the real world would not be possible. Mathematics is the language of science and underpins most technological advances that we rely on every day.

The Bachelor of Mathematics, which is offered through the Faculty of Science at the University of Newcastle, will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to be a professional mathematician or statistician − including the ability to manipulate, analyse and interpret large amounts of data.

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