A Bachelor of Mathematics combines theoretical study with tutorials and laboratory activities and opportunities to apply what you learn to practical situations.

Bachelor of Mathematics

Practical Experience

  "Maths is everywhere...when I graduate the opportunities are endless" - James

When you study maths at the University of Newcastle, you will have a chance to complement your theoretical studies with tutorials and laboratories that help you apply what you learn to practical situations.

Our two Advanced Collaborative Environment spaces are equipped with computers, cameras, projectors, microphones and SmartBoards to enable users to connect with other groups in real time without delays.

Students also have the opportunity to experience research first-hand through our Summer Research Scholar Program.

Our mathematics degree is ranked highly due to the achievements of the staff, who teach and conduct research across many areas of mathematics and statistics. The University of Newcastle is home to several internationally recognised research groups responsible for advancements within the discipline.

Some of these research topics include:

  • Developing theories that codify all possible types of symmetry
  • Investigating ways in which computation can be used to make new mathematical discoveries
  • Mathematically modelling the way diseases spread to find a cure for malaria
  • Modelling supply chains to improve the export of coal
  • Searching for algorithms to speed up computations.

As a student of the Bachelor of Mathematics you will have first-hand exposure to this research and will have the opportunity to take part in an Honours year and even go on to a Research Degree.

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