Meet our achievers in the Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Newcastle.

Bachelor of Mathematics


Meet achievers for the Bachelor of Mathematics

Bachelor of Mathematics"After going straight from high school to university, I am now in my second year of the four year program - Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Science (chemistry major) and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

One of the great things about undertaking a combined degree program is that it allows you to gain extra qualifications in a shorter period of time. Both the standalone Bachelor of Mathematics and the Bachelor of Science are three year degree programs, however, combined they only require four years of study.

What most people don't realise is that maths is much more than adding together numbers. New ideas and whole branches of mathematics are still being discovered today. In the maths department at the University of Newcastle ground breaking research is being produced by our academics, some of which are the best in the world in their fields. As a mathematics student, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to assist with some of this research over the summer holidays where I was awarded a scholarship.

If you have uncertainties about any aspect of university life, talk to someone, either by phone or at one of the University info days. Make sure you study what you are passionate about, keep an open mind, don't limit your options and you will succeed. And most importantly, have fun" - Matt (pictured)

"There was a lot of flexibility so I could take the courses I really wanted to take, not just the ones I was required to take" - Scott

"The Bachelor of Mathematics' diversity opens up many avenues for the pursuit of a rewarding career" - Rebecca

"The academics' patience and knowledge is amazing and many, if not all, are good role models for any young mathematician" - Emma

"The fundamentals of the program can be applied to many situations, and they provide an understanding of how to attack and solve new problems" - Leone

"The learning environment is very supportive and enthusiastic. In all subjects undertaken I have found lecturers to be extremely helpful – their doors are always open to students who take the time to seek help with subject matter they may be struggling with" -  Lucy

"If you are pursuing other studies at the same time − such as physics or engineering − the Mathematics courses complement them very nicely.

The teachers and students in the Faculty of Science and Information Technology are all very friendly, easily approachable and always keep an open door if you need help with anything.

The learning environment is very positive − you just need to keep asking questions!

The courses in mathematics are well structured, organised and exciting − like experiencing a well-written essay first hand" - Daniel

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