When you study information technology at the University of Newcastle you can pursue an exciting majors program allowing you to specialise in an area of interest

Bachelor of Information Technology

What you will study

Bachelor of Information TechnologyThe information technology degree gives all graduates core skills in building software that uses complex databases and sophisticated web interfaces suitable for the corporate office or the mobile phone.


When you study a Bachelor of Information Technology at the University of Newcastle, you will combine core courses with major study to tailor your degree to suit your career interests.

A major is an area of study you can specialise in within your information technology degree. It allows you to gain in-depth skills and a strong understanding of the key principles in your chosen speciality. The Bachelor of Information Technology majors range from the building of commercial applications to the creation of digital media for entertainment or game playing.

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Double majors 

The Bachelor of Information Technology also allows you to take a double major, where you complete the requirements of two majors. Any combination of two from the four majors is possible so there are no constraints on your study options – just what interests you the most. 

In addition to the extended career options created by each single major, a double major enables a third set of possibilities where being a specialist in both areas is required. For this reason information technology graduates with the flexibility of a double major are highly sought after by employers.

Students that perform well during their undergraduate degree may be invited to study an additional Honours year. An Honours degree allows you to develop your research and writing skills and places you in the best possible position to pursue advanced career pathways or research degrees.

Master and Doctor of Philosophy research degrees are also offered, where students undertake a carefully supervised research program that represents a significant contribution to the particular field of study.

For more detailed program information about the Bachelor of Information Technology, please refer to the handbook.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for graduates of the Bachelor of Information Technology include:

  • Animator
  • Applications Developer
  • Business Analyst/Consultant
  • Games Developer
  • IT Consultant
  • Multimedia Designer / Web Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Web Administrator/Webmaster
  • Web Developer
  • 3D Modeller

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