Bachelor of Industrial Design

Career opportunities

Graduates of the Bachelor of Industrial Design will:

1. Produce balanced solutions to complex Industrial Design problems.

2. Engage with strategies for exploring and resolving problems beyond an existing knowledge base.

3. Think critically, creatively, imaginatively and tenaciously.

4. Utilise appropriate research methods to support design innovation.

5. Provide Industrial Design leadership.

6. Work autonomously and collaboratively.

7. Appreciate and respect the role of ethics in the design process.

8. Have an appreciation of the impact of design decision making on the community and the environment.

9. Reflect on their learning and personal and professional development.

10. Communicate design concepts to peers and others.

11. Apply project management, business, financial and legal constraints to Design project development.

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Careers by major

The following list provides some example jobs available to graduates of a Bachelor of Industrial Design. Some of these jobs will depend on the amount and level of study undertaken, level of experience, the combination of other majors and electives studied, while some may require further study.

As well as the jobs listed above, there are many positions outside the general field of Industrial Design that graduates may pursue using the transferable skills gained in their studies. The list of job titles below shows examples of the type of jobs / careers graduates can diversify into; that might not necessarily be directly related to their degree.

Practical Experience Achievers