The food science and human nutrition degree at the University of Newcastle allows you to gain practical experience in our test kitchen and industry settings.

Bachelor of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Practical Experience

"It's a really well-rounded degree"- Kelly

When you study food science and human nutrition at the University of Newcastle, you will train in a test kitchen sponsored by Sara Lee Australia. As in industry, this kitchen is part of the product development process where you can initiate and test product concepts.

Depending on your academic performance, you can participate in work placement and field trips as components of your courses. These will enable you to apply real-life experiences to your studies and give you a competitive edge when you enter the workforce.

Most academic staff involved in the food science and human nutrition degree are active researchers, and many are leaders in their particular fields. The academic team is encouraged to use results of their research to inform their teaching, allowing students to learn alongside some of the world's leading researchers.

Additionally, Bachelor of Food Science and Human Nutrition students are eligible to enrol in SCIT3600 which offers you the opportunity to undertake an international placement to expand the theoretical knowledge and skills developed in this program and apply knowledge and skills in an external and international context.

What you will study Career opportunities