A Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Newcastle provides foundation studies across a range of creative disciplines.

Bachelor of Fine Art

What you will study

Make It

First year provides a taste of everything that happens in our three key studio areas.  In subsequent years, we encourage you to specialise while remaining aware that creativity in the visual arts is increasingly an interdisciplinary process.

The three studio majors are: 2D, 3D and Photomedia. 


In spacious studios blessed with huge windows and tons of natural light, our students learn and practice the arts of drawing, painting and printmaking. We have superb presses for making lithographs, screenprints and etchings. Hang your works on the walls of our common area to see how they might look in a real gallery setting. 


In our ceramics studio, our students use Central Coast clay to create sculptures and installations.  Investigate What you will studytraditional techniques of clay modelling and learn about the serendipity of glazing and how to fire your work in one of our 12 kilns.

The sculpture studio features heavy-duty power tools such as saws, sandblasters, welding torches and plasma cutters for working materials such as wood, resins and metals.  The University of Newcastle also has the only student foundry on the east coast of Australia, where you can cast works in aluminium and bronze.

Papermaking, felting, soft sculpture and screen-printing onto fabric are just some of the creative processes you can explore in our textiles and fibres studio. A hot zone in contemporary art, the possibilities are as a large as your imagination.


Learn how to use an SLR camera and borrow one of ours to take great shots. Create prints of up to 4m x 1m using our ink jet printer.  Acquire a knowledge of the effects of film developing using a variety of techniques such as Resin coating, Liquid Light Emulsion and Cyanotype. In our state of the art computer labs, we'll teach you the production of digital images, moving and still.  We also have a great studio with professional lighting where students can do photography shoots.

Think It

To make great art you need to have ideas. Our art history and theory strand provides contexts for your creativity. Gain an understanding of history and places and the artistic responses to them. Learn about the unique history of Australian art. Or explore aesthetics, the philosophy of why people find one thing more beautiful than another. The thinking you do here is as vital to becoming a successful artist as learning studio techniques.

The Bachelor of Fine Art program was revised in 2011 and the new degree commenced in 2012. For more detailed information about the program, please refer to the handbook.

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