Find out about career opportunities for graduates of the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Newcastle.

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

Career opportunities

Exercise and Sport Science

Graduate attributes for the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science are the skills, abilities and knowledge that are highly sought after by a broad range of employers. Below is the complete list of attributes that graduates will have demonstrated upon the completion of the degree.

Graduate Attributes

On completion of the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science degree, a graduate will be able to demonstrate:

1. In-depth knowledge and skills in Exercise and Sport Science;

a. A comprehensive understanding of human anatomy, physiology andnutrition.
b. Well founded knowledge of Exercise and Sport Science in general and in particular, exercise physiology, biomechanics, exercise & sport psychology and motor control and learning.
c. Able to design, implement and evaluate exercise intervention strategies in order to enhance physical performance and/or health.
d. Able to quantitatively measure the component demands of a sport or discipline in a field of exercise & sport science including the ability to select, calibrate & operate appropriate instruments.

2. Ability to interpret scientific information;

a. Able to effectively collect, analyse, critically review and organise information.
b. Able to interpret quantitative measures of exercise & sport performance and understand their application.
c. A commitment to best practice based upon scientific evidence.

3. Problem solving and critical judgement;

a. Able to define and analyse problems.
b. Able to evaluate opinions, make decisions, and think critically.

4. Effective communication and professional skills;

a. An ability to acquire, comprehend and disseminate science information to general and specialist audiences in both written and oral forms.
b. Ability to work towards an objective both independently and collaboratively as part of a multidisciplinary team.

5. Professional Accreditation Requirements (Exercise Scientist sequence only);

a. Possess an awareness of the legal & ethical implications of professional Exercise & Sport Science practice in accordance with the charter and Code of Conduct of the AAESS and NHMRC guidelines.
b. Ability to apply logic and statistical principles.
c. The required number of hours of professional experience in Exercise and Sport Science, to fulfil the requirements of the AAESS.

Sample Jobs

Graduates of the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science can pursue careers within the public and private sectors in a variety of roles. The following job titles may hold opportunities at a graduate or experienced level.

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