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Natural History Illustration

Graduate attributes for the Bachelor of Natural History Illustration are the skills, abilities and knowledge sets that are highly sought after in the art, science, and environmental industries. Below is the complete list of attributes that graduates will have demonstrated upon the completion of the degree.

Graduate Attributes

On completion of the Bachelor of Natural History Illustration degree, a graduate will be able to demonstrate:

  • In-depth knowledge related to the analysis, interpretation and presentation of scientific, studio and field information in a visual format.
  • Applied understanding of discipline-related research methodology, terminology and practical application of techniques related to Natural History Illustration.
  • An understanding and appreciation of the theoretical and historical context of Natural History Illustration.
  • Ability to communicate effectively through a range of verbal, written, presentation and exhibition skills.
  • An understanding of professionalism and ethics in the context of Natural History Illustration.
  • Capacity to apply creative and innovative approaches to the visual interpretation of the natural world.
  • Awareness of new technologies and their potential application to the discipline.
  • Awareness of studio and laboratory-based occupational health and safety issues.
  • A level of cultural awareness and appreciation of issues related to biodiversity and the environment.
  • High level of technical competence and related skills as the foundation to support life-long learning.

Sample Jobs

The following list provides some example jobs for the Natural History Illustration graduates. Graduates may work in a variety of roles as well as that of Illustrator. Some of these jobs will depend upon the level of study undertaken and level of experience, for example some may require further study.

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