Study the Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications) at the University of Newcastle and benefit from specialist training and industry experience.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Telecommunications)

What you will study

Electrical engineeringWhen studying the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Telecommunications) at the University of Newcastle you are taught core skills in telecommunications and engineering science. You are also given a range of technical elective choices that allow you to tailor the degree to your individual interests and specialisations. 

The telecommunications degree is a four year (full-time) qualification. In the first two years of the program you will study foundation subjects including mathematics and physics as well as electrical, computer and telecommunications engineering. 

The final years focus on telecommunications themes and you have the opportunity to nominate elective study in the areas of electronics, digital design, automatic control and software. 

You will also complete a final year project which gives you the chance to apply your skills to engineering design problems. The projects are undertaken in conjunction with staff or industry partners and enable you to contribute to actual research and development projects. 

You will complete 12 weeks of industrial experience throughout the degree. Our close industry and professional partnerships mean that you can get valuable practical experience while studying. 

For more detailed program information about the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Telecommunications), please refer to the handbook.

Combined Degrees

There is a combined degree option if you are interested in a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Telecommunications). The following combination can be completed in five years, when you study full-time:

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Telecommunications)/Bachelor of Science - Photonics Major

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