Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Telecommunications)


StudyingWith increasing competition in all sectors of employment, students who graduate with an Honours degree from the University of Newcastle have a distinct advantage. It is often considered by employers as an added skill and has been used by previous graduates to pursue higher positions and salaries.

While studying for your Honours degree, you can develop and carry out research on a topic of interest, potentially leading to further academic study such as a PhD.

Graduating with Honours

The Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment uses the Weighted Average Mark (WAM) as a measure for determining Honours for all Bachelor (Honours) programs.

The Honours degree is awarded on the basis of superior performance attained throughout the program and dissertation. Performance is based on a three year WAM where 2000, 3000 and 4000 level courses are weighted.

There are three levels of Honours:

  • Honours Class 1 - you will require a minimum WAM of 77 
  • Honours Class II, Division 1 - you will require a minimum WAM of 72
  • Honours Class II, Division 2 - you will require a minimum WAM of 67

This is detailed in the University's Policy Document 000990: Bachelor Honours Policy.

Practical experience Career opportunities