The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Surveying) at the University of Newcastle sets new benchmarks in industry excellence.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Surveying)

What you will study

Surveying Honours StudentsThe Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Surveying) will teach you to be an expert in measurement and its systems. You will be able to transform ideas into plans and plans into reality.

When you study surveying at the University of Newcastle you will enjoy the diversity of practical laboratory field exercises and theoretical studies in civil, mining and environmental engineering.
You will have access to modern electronic surveying equipment and will be taught by academics who are leaders in the field. In your final year of study, you will have the opportunity to undertake an industry-related project.

For a full list of available courses, please see the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Surveying) handbook.


There is a combined degree option if you are interested in a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Surveying). The following combination can be completed in five years, when you study full-time:

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil)/Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Surveying)

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