The University of Newcastle’s Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) is a world leading qualification in computer engineering and information technology.

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer)

What you will study

The cutting-edge of computer engineering

Engineering (Computing)The Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) is a four year computer engineering degree. The program provides a well-rounded mix of hardware and software topics with classroom learning enhanced by a practical 12 week industry placement.

In the first two years of the degree you will study mathematics, physics, electrical and general engineering, together with computer and software engineering courses. These courses provide a practical and theoretical introduction to computing and digital electronics.

In the final two years of study you will focus on computer engineering courses with the opportunity to choose from several electives including communications, analog and digital electronics, automatic control, computer operating systems and software engineering.

A major component of the final year of your degree is an individual project. These projects are frequently sponsored by industry which guarantees vocational relevance and provides you with an opportunity to showcase your knowledge of computer engineering to an industry specific audience.

For a full list of available courses and study options, please see the Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) handbook.

Combined degrees

The Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) can be studied as a combined degree. The following combinations can be completed in five years (full-time).

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) / Bachelor of Computer Science

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer ) / Bachelor of Mathematics

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) / Bachelor of Science

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