Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)


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"I completed my Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) degree in 2006 at the University of Newcastle. I now work for Sydney Water on the 'Every Drop Counts Business Program' where I am managing a million dollar project. My position is really diverse allowing me to use and develop various skills additional to engineering, including project management, marketing, budgeting, research and development. My degree developed my knowledge of engineering and taught me how to source information which has been useful in my professional life."


"Growing up, my dreams were to go into space and visit Antarctica. Studying chemical engineering and science has given me a taste of both. At university I carried out research related to the way fires behave on spacecraft in zero gravity, and I spent a summer working with an astronaut in a research institute in the USA. I also had a chance to spend a unforgettable few months in Antarctica working on a scientific project. Nowadays I believe that the greatest adventure is not in space, but right here on Earth confronting big challenges like climate, water, energy and resources. Engineers will be at the forefront of finding solutions and I'm excited to be working in solar thermal energy – a technology that could supply us with clean, inexhaustible power will into the future."

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