Development studies at the University of Newcastle gives you the opportunity to pursue multi-disciplinary courses for diverse skills and career prospects.

Bachelor of Development Studies

What you will study

"Depending on where your interests lie, you can choose a major that focuses on the issues you're really passionate about" - Nikola

The Bachelor of Development Studies deals with core aspects of development and includes courses in economics, environmental studies, geography and sociology as well as Aboriginal studies and politics.

You will be studying real-world issues such as globalisation, environmental change, sustainable development and social justice.


A major is an area that you can specialise in within your degree.  It allows you to gain detailed skills and a strong understanding of key principles in your chosen specialty.

In the Bachelor of Development Studies you can choose from one of the four majors:

  • Cultures and citizenship – this will prepare you for fields related to Indigenous affairs, immigration and citizenship or community development.
  • Environmental sustainability – this will prepare you with skills to evaluate the impact of development on the environment and the community.
  • Globalisation and economic development – you could go on to work in fields related to economic policy and analysis.
  • Urban and regional development – this will open up employment opportunities in the fields of planning, regional or community development.

You also have the option choose elective courses in tourism, social work or philosophy depending on your interests.

If you perform well in your Bachelor of Developmental Studies you are encouraged to undertake another year of study to obtain an Honours degree, which will give you a competitive edge and enhance your career prospects.

The Bachelor of Development Studies will prepare you with a range of skills and knowledge that will help you to act capably, effectively and ethically in your chosen profession.

For more detailed program information about the Bachelor of Development Studies, please refer to the handbook.

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