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The University of Newcastle is building better futures with the Bachelor of Construction Management

Bachelor of Construction Management (Building) (Honours)

Why study with us?

Construction Management at the University of Newcastle

With high starting salaries and opportunities to work around the world, a career in construction management offers considerable rewards.

The Bachelor of Construction Management (Building) at the University of Newcastle provides a holistic view of the building and construction management environment.

Through a variety of teaching approaches that simulate the real-life situations facing construction professionals, you will develop the skills needed to monitor and control the technical process of construction. You will also learn how to manage the legal and financial aspects associated with the building industry.

Our construction management degree is offered on-campus at the Newcastle campus (Callaghan), by distance, on-line and also available as a blended mode of delivery in Singapore. The distance program is designed for those currently working in the construction industry.

The degree is fully endorsed by professional bodies in Australia and internationally and currently holds accreditation from the

These accreditations attest to the close relationship between what is delivered in the construction management program and the requirements of various sectors of the construction industry.

New Chair of Construction Management

We recently appointed Professor Peter Davis, a respected academic and industry professional with more than 30 years' experience, as the newly established Chair of Construction Management, partly funded by Lend Lease and John Holland.

Student Community

We have a thriving student community with groups and activities that both compliment your study and make for a great university experience. You can check out our Construction Management Facebook.

What you will study