Study computer science at the University of Newcastle and graduate with expertise in the design and implementation of computer software and system

Bachelor of Computer Science

What you will study

Study the Future of Computer Science

The Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Newcastle focuses on the design and implementation of software as well as the development of new techniques and methodologies. You will gain skills in range of areas including:Computer Science student inspects the server

  • algorithmic problem solving
  • artificial intelligence
  • bioinformatics and data security
  • computer graphics
  • computer networks and distributed systems
  • databases and security
  • distributed and internet computing
  • hardware
  • programming and software development
  • robotics
  • web site creation

Majors available include Studies in Computer Science, Applied Computing and Computer Systems and Robotics.

For a full list of courses view the handbook for the Bachelor of Computer Science.

If you perform well in your Bachelor of Computer Science you are encouraged to undertake another year of study to obtain an Honours degree which will give you a competitive edge and enhance your career prospects.

Combined degrees

There are a couple of combined degree options if you're interested in a Bachelor of Computer Science.

The following combinations may be completed in five years, when you study full-time:

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