The Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Newcastle will expedite your career progression in the business fields of finance, accounting and economics.

Bachelor of Commerce

Why study with us?

Commerce at the University of Newcastle

"The Bachelor  of Commerce gives you the ability to analyse the world around you from a business perspective" - Kinne

The Bachelor of commerce is a practical and flexible degree, with core courses designed to give you a thorough overview of business and commerce environments, before you specialise in accounting, economics, finance or actuarial studies and risk management. The majors offered will give you the academic knowledge, as well as the practical, hands-on experience needed to pursue a successful career in your chosen profession.

When you study commerce at the University of Newcastle, you will be equipped to make a smooth transition from the classroom to the boardroom by acquiring skills that are valued by employers. You will develop strong teamwork, critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

A sense of global citizenship is imparted through international case studies and cross-cultural analysis. This will give you insight into the interplay between the financial, legal, political and economic systems and how these factors influence the contemporary business environment in Australia and across the globe.

Offered through the Faculty of Business and Law, our commerce degree is designed with a high degree of flexibility to cater for a diverse range of interests and ambitions, including leadership and management, marketing, human resource management, innovation and entrepreneurship, international business, tourism management, sports management and government, policy and political economy.

Commerce graduates go on to exciting, stimulating and lucrative careers in the fields of accounting, auditing, consulting, stockbroking, business analysis and academia. These opportunities can be pursued in a wide range of business, government department and not-for-profit organisations.

Hands-on from the start

Throughout the Bachelor of Commerce you will have the opportunity to gain local and international workplace experience through work integrated learning projects, industry scholarships and placements, industry visits and guest lectures form commerce professionals. Our international immersion and placement opportunities run annually to countries such as China, Singapore and Samoa.

Learn from the brightest minds in the world

The faculty of Business and Law's teachers and researchers are leaders in their fields. With extensive academic knowledge and professional experience, our academic staff are connected to national and global partners and respond to industry needs in their teaching and research.

Academics for the Bachelor of Commerce teach from real-world professional experience, research findings and scholarly knowledge to bring theory to life.

The international expertise of the Newcastle Business School fosters and maintains strong connections with business and industry to ensure students are work-ready for an increasingly global environment.

Enjoy a supportive learning environment

As a Bachelor of Commerce student you will be provided with a supportive learning environment and can benefit from a number of initiatives designed to help you achieve your study goals.

In addition to weekly lectures and tutorials, Newcastle Business School offers Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) to help you reach your academic potential. PASS is facilitated by a student who has excelled in the course in a previous semester and provides an opportunity to work collaboratively to cover lecture material, develop a deeper understanding of course material and enhance learning skills.

All business and law students also have exclusive access to the Student Learning Space (SLS), a fun new facility designed to help you fulfil your potential. SLS is about enhancing your learning experience – find a place to study, work on assignments and group tasks, and participate in PASS.

Employers prefer our graduates

The work-ready skills you will gain from this degree will give you a substantial edge in the jobs market. In an ever-changing business environment, the Bachelor of Commerce will provide you with the up-to-date industry and academic knowledge needed to remain competitive when starting your career.

When you study at the University of Newcastle you will establish networks with people all over the world. We partner with over 75 institutions in more than 15 countries globally and our graduates work locally, nationally and internationally.

What you will study