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Food Science and Human Nutrition

Food Science and Human Nutrition graduates will have the skills, abilities and knowledge sought after by a broad range of employers. On completion of the degree, graduates can expect to:
  • Knowledge of the established sciences of Food and Nutrition, and the application of this knowledge;
  • A comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Food Science and Technology and of Human Nutrition and the relevance and impact of nutrition on health status.
  • A well-founded grounding in the sciences underpinning Food Science and Human Nutrition including biology, chemistry, biochemistry and human anatomy and physiology.
  • A well-rounded set of practical laboratory skills in the Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry & Food Science areas applicable in research or analytical laboratories and industry.
  • Ability to interpret scientific information;
    • Ability to effectively collect, analyse, critically review and organize scientific information related to Food Science, Human Nutrition and the underpinning sciences.
    • An understanding of the ongoing scientific and technical development of Food and Nutritional Sciences and the importance of lifelong learning.
  • Skills in problem-solving and critical analysis;
    • Able to define and analyse problems.
    • Able to evaluate opinions, make decisions, and critically.
  • Effective communication and professional skills;
    • Ability to effectively communicate in written and oral formats using the presentation and IT skills of a working scientist as appropriate to the particular audience.
    • Ability to work in teams or independently as individuals.
    • Knowledge and experience of the professional context of the food and nutrition working environments including the research sphere.
  • Ethical awareness and professional practice;
    • Awareness of the importance of ethics, safety and best practice based on scholarly & community values, industry and government legislative standards & the evidence basis of the scientific methods.

Sample Jobs

The following list provides some example jobs available to Food Science and Human Nutrition graduates. Some of these jobs will depend on the amount and level of study undertaken, level of experience, the combination of other majors and electives studied, and some may require further study.

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