The Bachelor of Business at the University of Newcastle offers graduates excellent career prospects within a range of exciting professional landscapes.

Bachelor of Business

Why study with us?

Business at the University of Newcastle

  The Bachelor of Business will give you a broad understanding of Australian and global business environments.

You will gain practical skills and attributes that are highly valued by employers in a range of disciplines including finance, accounting, economics, politics, marketing, leisure and tourism, the legal system, industrial relations and statistics.

Our business graduates go on to exciting, stimulating and lucrative careers in the private, government and not-for-profit sectors in Australia and internationally. If you are currently employed, the Bachelor of Business can help fast-track your career.


Offered through the Faculty of Business and Law, the Bachelor of Business offers flexibility to cater for a diverse range of interests and ambitions. From second year, you will focus on one of eight key areas of study, known as majors. Opting to complete a double major will simultaneously expand your knowledge base and business management career opportunities.

Areas of specialisation include leadership and management, marketing, human resource management, entrepreneurship and innovation, international business, tourism management, sports management and governance, policy and political economy. See more information about majors in the Bachelor of Business.


The Newcastle Business School is hands-on and practical in its approach to learning and teaching. Throughout the Bachelor of Business you will have the opportunity to gain local and international workplace experience through work integrated learning projects, industry scholarships and placements, industry visits and guest lectures from business professionals. Our international immersion and placement opportunities run annually to countries such as China, Singapore and Samoa.

Our partnerships with key industry organisations and companies allow students to gain workplace experience and build professional connections and networks from first year onward.


When you study at the University of Newcastle you will establish networks with people from all over the world.

We partner with over 75 institutions in more than 15 countries globally and our graduates work locally, nationally and internationally. As a student you will have the opportunity to take part in international immersion trips, overseas placements, student exchange and the international leaders program in countries all over the world.


Business students benefit from a number of initiatives which provide a supportive learning environment, helping you achieve your study goals.

In addition to weekly lectures and tutorials, Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) and the duty tutor service can help you reach your academic potential. PASS is facilitated by a student who has excelled in the course in a previous semester and provides an opportunity to work collaboratively to cover lecture material, develop a deeper understanding of course material and enhance learning skills. Duty tutors are assigned to each of the first year courses to provide drop-in assistance to students.

When you study business or law at the University of Newcastle, you also have exclusive access to the Student Learning Space (SLS), a fun new facility designed to help you fulfill your potential. SLS is about enhancing your learning experience – find a place to study, work on assignments and group tasks, and participate in PASS.


The majors within this program are at the cutting-edge of business and will provide you with knowledge and experience required in a dynamic, modern workplace.

Our teaching spaces feature contemporary, technology-enabled facilities, which allow for blended and online teaching methods to be used. From 2017, our teaching facilities will include NeW Space, a state-of-the-art campus in the heart of Newcastle which will incorporate exciting new and interactive teaching spaces.

What you will study