Studying international business at the University of Newcastle develops the necessary skills to operate effectively in global business environments.

Bachelor of Business

International business

Available at Newcastle campus (Callaghan)

When you major in international business at the University of Newcastle, you develop the skills needed to operate in a rapidly changing worldwide marketplace.

As more organisations go global, specialists in international business are increasingly sought after by employers. These organisations require staff that can understand and negotiate the intricacies of conducting business with stakeholders in other countries where political, social, cultural and religious factors influence business practices.

The understanding of global markets developed in the international business major is also highly valued in sectors such as finance, manufacturing, IT, energy and resources.

As the international business environment in which firms compete changes constantly, the study of international business is a dynamic and evolving field. An ethos of research-led teaching ensures that students become accustomed to searching for further insights to increase their understanding of the challenges presented by the global economy.

The international business discipline at the University of Newcastle is characterised by an internationally diverse team of academic staff with active research projects. Areas of research include the management of multinational enterprises, the international aspects of business strategy and the impact of legal, political, economic and social institutions on firm performance. With your studies in international business guided by this expert academic team, your teaching will include the effective combination of comprehensive and contemporary curriculum designs and inquiry led teaching. This innovative teaching strategy gives you the best opportunity to embark on a dynamic career within the global business environment.