Study a Bachelor of Business at the University of Newcastle and tailor your degree to specific career goals.

Bachelor of Business

What you will study

"The great thing about a business degree is it gives you a great deal of diversity in your first year" - Ryan

When you study business you will establish a firm understanding of the contemporary business environment and undertake studies in a range of disciplines. You will have the opportunity to select from seven majors.

In your first year of the business degree you will complete subjects from a broad range of disciplines including economics, marketing, accounting, human resources and business strategy. This initial year of business studies gives you a strong grounding in business principles and equips you with a set of core business development skills.

Moving into the second and third years of your business degree, you will undertake courses relevant to your chosen specialty. Each of the seven majors provide specialist skills to succeed within that field.


The Bachelor of Business allows you to select a major in second year based on your interests and experiences in first year. 

Bachelor of Business students may choose to complete a double major, specialising in two areas of study and completing the requirements of two majors. A double major widens your knowledge base and broadens your employment prospects. This holistic understanding of business give you an edge over job market competition. Combining marketing with tourism or international business with logistics and supply chain management are just two examples of possible double majors.

Find out more about business majors:

If you perform well in your Bachelor of Business you are encouraged to undertake another year of study to obtain an Honours degree which will give you a competitive edge and enhance your career prospects.

Each course within your Bachelor of Business degree is delivered in person at your chosen campus, with classes usually consisting of a two hour lecture and a one hour tutorial.

Combined degrees

There are a range of combined degree options if you're interested in a Bachelor of Business. The following combinations can be completed in four or five years, when you study full-time:

For a full list of available courses and study options, please see the Bachelor of Business handbook.

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