The Bachelor of Business at the University of Newcastle promotes collaboration with industry leaders.

Bachelor of Business

Practical Experience

"I've been able to gain relevant industry experience" - Bonnie

With the strong focus on teamwork and collaboration in business commerce careers, the Bachelor of Business includes an emphasis on assessments involving group work. Working in groups develops the necessary teamwork skills required to successfully transition from the classroom to the workplace.

Our business degree also offers the opportunity for work integrated learning (WIL) through the Newcastle Business School.

As a high achieving student, you may have the opportunity to participate in an industry placement in your final year of the Bachelor of Business. You will work within a major Hunter organisation and complete a project alongside professionals.

Allowing you to gain valuable industry experience, this opportunity establishes links within the business community that may assist you when seeking employment in the future. Industry placement is undertaken as a course within your business degree – 'Project in Business'.

The Business School at the University of Newcastle also operates the Lucy Mentoring Program, which provides female students within the Faculty of Business or Law the opportunity to participate in a unique leadership program aiming to inspire, motivate and educate women about the opportunities for employment in the corporate and public sectors.

Lucy Mentoring Program participants are allocated a mentor working in the public or private sector. Students experience the work environment and establish professional business networks – both of which are beneficial in gaining employment and career progression in any organisation.

Learn from leading academics

Academics for the Bachelor of Business teach from real-world professional experience, research findings and scholarly knowledge to bring the theory of your course to life.

The international expertise of the Newcastle Business School fosters and maintains strong connections with business and industry to ensure preparation for an increasingly competitive and global environment.

What you will study Career opportunities