Study business and commerce at the University of Newcastle and pursue a majors sequence that best suits your interests and career goals.

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Commerce

What you will study

Business students The combined Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce provides flexibility to select an area of study best suited to your interests.

Areas of specialisation in the business degree include human resources management, information systems in business, international business, management, marketing, logistics and supply chain management and tourism.

Through our commerce degree you can specialise in accounting, finance and economics.

During the first year of your combined degree you will complete subjects from a broad area of disciplines relevant to business including economics, marketing, accounting, human resources and business strategy.

The first year of study is designed to give a strong grounding in the principles and practices of business, and equip you with a core set of business development skills. After sampling a range of disciplines, you will be able to make an informed decision about the focus area(s) you want to pursue.

Moving into the second, third and fourth years of the business/commerce degree, you will undertake courses relevant to your chosen major sequence.

The ten majors offered within the Bachelor of Business/Commerce focus on providing you with the specialist skills to succeed within that field. The combined degree requires you to complete a 'major' from both the business and the commerce field. In certain cases, you are able to complete three majors.

Full-time study is considered to be four subjects per semester. You have complete control over your study schedule and can opt to do any combination of study to complete the degree. For example, you may work full-time whilst studying and choose to complete two courses a semester or you may alternate between one and four depending on how busy you are.


The structure of the combined Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce degree allows you to select a specialist area of study (a major) at the beginning of your second year, based on your interests and experiences in your first year of study. A major allows you to gain detailed skills and a strong understanding of the key principles in your chosen specialty.

At our Newcastle (Callaghan) campus you can choose majors in accounting, finance, economics, marketing, management, international business, human resource management, tourism, information systems in business, or logistics and supply chain management.

Majors available at our Central Coast (Ourimbah) campus include accounting, marketing, management, human resource management and tourism.

Find out more about the Bachelor of Business majors.

Find out more about the Bachelor of Commerce majors.

Double majors

The combined Bachelor of Business /Bachelor of Commerce allows you to specialise in three areas of study and complete the requirements of two majors in either business or commerce.

You can elect to complete a double major in business and a single major in commerce or a double major in commerce and a single major in business. Possible combinations might include specialising in human resource management, economics and finance, or marketing, tourism and accounting.

A combined degree with a double major enables you to pursue multiple interests plus will provide a broader range of career options on graduation. This holistic understanding of business will help set you apart from your peers when competing in the job market. For a full list of available courses and study options, please see the Bachelor of Business/Commerce handbook.

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