Bachelor of Business/Commerce at the University of Newcastle supports learning with a curriculum based on industry currency and exciting work placement program.

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Commerce

Practical Experience

Business student presentationWhen you study business and commerce at the University of Newcastle you will gain insight from academics who teach from real-world experiences, allowing the theory of your course to be brought to life with latest developments in your area of study.

Our academic staff bring the best of their scholarly knowledge, research findings and professional experience to their teaching. Their international expertise helps to ensure you are work-ready for an increasingly global environment.

The strong connections we develop and maintain with business and industry also ensures that the Bachelor of Business/Commerce content remains contemporary and relevant.

Business and commerce is orientated towards teamwork and collaboration in one form or another. We recognise this and have developed curricular which includes an emphasis on group work as a form of assessment. Working in focused groups will help you develop the necessary teamwork skills needed to make a successful transition from the classroom to the boardroom.

The University of Newcastle also offers the opportunity for work integrated learning (WIL) as part of your combined business/commerce degree.

Industry placements are an opportunity to gain hands on experience and insight and to establish links within the business community and that will advantage you when seeking future employment.

If you are a high achieving final year student, you may be offered the opportunity to participate in an industry placement that will see you embedded within a major Hunter region organisation. This placement is undertaken as the course 'Project In Business' and allows you to complete a project alongside professionals.

Female students within the Faculty of Business and Law have the opportunity to participate in a unique leadership program. The Lucy Mentoring Program aims to inspire, motivate and educate women about the opportunities for employment in the corporate and public sectors. Participants are allocated a mentor working professionally in the public or private sector. Mentors can help you help you understand the working environment and to establish professional business networks - both of which are beneficial to gaining employment and progressing through the ranks in any organisation.

What you will study Honours