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Bachelor of Biotechnology

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Biotechnology at the University of Newcastle

Biotechnology is predicted to provide solutions to a number of problems facing our society, including human and animal diseases, climate change, fuel alternatives and food security.

Student studying BiotechnologyWhen you study biotechnology at the University of Newcastle, you will be undertaking a degree that offers a unique placement opportunity and has strong ties to industry.

Offered through the Faculty of Science, the University of Newcastle's biotechnology degree stems from the biology discipline, which was recently ranked as world class by Excellence for Research in Australia 2015 (ERA). Research outcomes in plant science, cell biology and biochemistry are areas of particular achievement within the biology discipline. These results are fed directly into our teaching so that you will be kept up to date with the latest developments and discoveries.

The expertise of our teaching staff is also indicative of the global calibre of the biotechnology degree and serves to ensure that our graduates are among the world's best in the specialty science of biotechnology. Our biology discipline is home to the 2012 NSW Scientist of the Year, Laureate Professor John Aitken, who is part of the Reproductive Science Group currently investigating the cause of male infertility.

Graduates may apply for membership to AusBiotech - Australia's Biotechnology Organisation, the Australian Institute of Biology, and specialist societies such as the Australian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

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