Study biotechnology at the University of Newcastle to gain an insight into the application of cell technologies within human health and the environment.

Bachelor of Biotechnology

What you will study

Biotechnology is the use of living organisms to modify products for a specific human purpose such as genetically modified crops or various vaccines.

Our Bachelor of Biotechnology has a particular focus on the application of DNA and cell technologies on human health, plant and animal agriculture and the environment.

When you study biotechnology at the University of Newcastle, you will be learning from academics who have been internationally recognised as leaders in their respective fields and who are working to solve real-world problems.  

Under their guidance your studies will have a strong focus on biology − both basic and applied with some chemistry and mathematics − and you will have a chance to study elective courses from a range of areas depending on your interests and career ambitions.

There are no majors within the Bachelor of Biotechnology, but if you wish to specialise in a particular field you may be invited to undertake an Honours year after completing your undergraduate degree.

For more detailed program information about the Bachelor of Biotechnology, please refer to the handbook.

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