Bachelor of Biotechnology


Meet Achievers from the Bachelor of Biotechnology

"The degree allowed me to immediately start employment at the Mothers and Babies Research Centre (JHH). After a year I decided to broaden my horizons and left for the UK where I worked for University College London as a research technician. There, it was my role to develop a functional assay to predict patient response to a virus.

When I returned to Australia, I moved to Brisbane where I took a role at the Centre for Immune and Targeted Therapy with the University of Queensland as a senior research assistant. I worked in a team of three people to coordinate a Phase 1 Clinical trial. It was also part of my role to perform cell therapy.

Currently I work with a small Australian based Biotech company – Peplin Limited. My role is somewhat diverse but generally I am a manager in Clinical Development. I coordinate the running of the clinical trials for example, I ensure Peplin meets the ethical and regulatory requirements as well as monitor the clinical trial sites" - Jacqueline.

"I was inspired to undertake research in biotechnology because of a need to understand how things work. During my degree, I undertook a 10-week placement in the Reproductive Science Group at the University. Working with internationally recognised researchers allowed me to gain a better understanding of biotechnology research and gave me the opportunity to learn new techniques.

My research will increase the understanding of germ cell cancer and the male reproductive system – which will help in the treatment of both infertility and cancer" - Skye.

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