Study an Honours degree in biotechnology to broaden your research skills and career prospects.

Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours)

Why study with us?

Biotechnology with Honours at the University of Newcastle

BiotechnologyWith increasing competition in all sectors of employment, students who graduate with an Honours degree have a distinct advantage. It is often considered by employers as an added skill and has been used by previous graduates to pursue higher positions and salaries. You can develop and carry out research on a topic of interest, potentially leading to further academic study such as a research degree.

As an Honours graduate, you will have excellent knowledge of modern biotechnology, including molecular biology, and gain experience in research methods, data analysis, instrumentation and information technology and microbiology. You will also have worked in a biotechnology environment.

The University of Newcastle is a leader in research, with Research Centres in Biotechnology and Development, Integrative Legume Research and Reproductive Science, as well as the Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment. You will have the opportunity to be involved with research at the forefront of your field.

Offered through the Faculty of Science and Information Technology, the Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) prepares you for careers in biotechnology as well as providing a pathway into research degree studies.

As a graduate of the biotechnology Honours degree, you may work in biomedical research, pathology laboratories, biotechnology industries, bioanalytical laboratories in government and industry, reproductive biology industries and a range of veterinary and agricultural support industries. You also may choose to pursue further study with a Research Higher Degree (RHD).

For more information about the Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) program, please refer to the handbook.

Apply for Honours

You usually apply for Honours in the final year of your undergraduate degree. To be accepted for entry you must have successfully completed a Bachelor of Biotechnology or equivalent with a credit grade point average (GPA).

Contact Brett Nixon in the Faculty of Science and Information Technology on +61 2 4921 6977.

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