A Bachelor of Biomedical Science at the University of Newcastle equips graduates with the knowledge and skills to become high level researchers or professionals

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

What you will study

What The Bachelor of Biomedical Science now offers three exciting new pathways to kickstart your career. If a medical or health profession is your goal, our Medical/Health Professions Pathway is a purpose-designed preparation for undergraduate or postgraduate health and medicine degrees providing a strong background in the disciplines for clinical practice.

If you elect the Advanced Medical Research Pathway your learning experience will prepare you for biomedical research with rigorous hands-on laboratory experiences in small classes, starting from Year 1.

If your aim is to contribute to science and innovation in education or commercial/industrial ventures, the Industry and Education Pathway is for you. This pathway will provide you with not only comprehensive education in biomedical science, but also with skills and knowledge in an array of fields. This could include careers in secondary science education, biomedical marketing, entrepreneurship, intellectual property management and bioinformatics.

For more detailed information about the Bachelor of Biomedical Science, please refer to the handbook.

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