Meet our achievers for the Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

Bachelor of Biomedical Science


Meet some Achievers for the Bachelor of Biomedical Science


"My favourite subject by far is Muscular Skeletal Anatomy, so you learn all of the names of the muscles and bones all over the body - it's really cool!"


"I chose biomedical science because I really enjoyed science at school, but I also really wanted to work in health. A Bachelor of Biomedical Science was a great way to combine the two."

Achievers in Biomedical Science"The biomedical science course involves plenty of hands-on laboratory work which is really engaging, and helps to reinforce the theoretical knowledge we are learning. I hope to one day be an academic/researcher at the University of Newcastle" - Elroy

"I have a unique opportunity to be working in both the commercial sector with regards to research and product development, whilst being a university academic. Once you've completed a biomedical science degree, there is a diverse range of career opportunities – being a full-time scientist is one of many" - Gough

"The Bachelor of Biomedical Science program at the University of Newcastle offers many research opportunities to students. My dream job when I complete my degree is to be doing research in cancer, virology, immunology or genetics. I love studying at Newcastle because it is a large campus with great services and support with great work experience opportunities" - Lauren

"I came to the University of Newcastle so that I could learn more about and become involved in medical research. I have found all aspects of the biomedical science degree very interesting and see that it will assist me in achieving my goals. I hope to extend my education after my undergraduate degree and look into doing my PhD" - Gillian

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