Politics and International Relations

Study Politics and International Relations

Are you interested in the decisions of our local, state and National representatives? Are you curious about foreign policy? Perhaps you can see yourself negotiating international agreements or providing assistance to Australians overseas? The politics and international relations major is an excellent way to gain an understanding of important questions about public office.

Gain a critical understanding of the principles of foreign policy and diplomacy with a major in politics and international relations.multidisciplinary approach to the politics and international relations major takes a look at the impact of policies, religion, ethnicity, nationalism and globalisation on international affairs. You will look at these areas from a range of perspectives, including historical, sociological, political and geographic disciplines.

As a graduate of an international relations major, you will have the ability to work in a wide range of employment sectors, including:


Politics courses within this major enable you to understand the nature of political systems, both in Australia and internationally, key political ideas, theories and terminology, and the impact of politics in terms of how decisions are made about the allocation of scarce resources and the resolution of social problems.


International relations courses within this major will give you a strong understanding of all aspects of international relations, including foreign policy, Australia's place in the world, and in so far as they impact on policy making, religion, ethnicity and nationalism. Related themes and electives cover diplomacy, strategic and defence studies, foreign languages, trade negotiations, terrorism, areas studies, international organisation and globalisation.


International relations is an expanding area. Recruiting occurs in various government departments, in particular the intelligence community, Defence and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Positions in the government and/or the private sector will often lead you overseas.

Some of our successful recent graduates have found work as diplomats, defence intelligence analysts and in other areas of public policy. Working in this area may involve writing or editing foreign policy, negotiating international agreements, providing assistance to Australians overseas, or working in one of over 80 Embassies, Consulates or High Commissions in a number of countries around the world. Competitive graduate positions are available.

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