A major in philosophy and religion examines the fundamental assumptions people make in their lives and teaches the skills to ask these questions.

Bachelor of Arts

Philosophy and Religion

Study Philosophy and Religion

A Philosophy and Religion major within the Bachelor of Arts offers the unique opportunity to explore life's big questions concerning knowledge, reality, ethics, politics and religion.

Along the way you will learn critical thinking skills that can be applied to all facets of life. You'll learn the importance of the structure of an argument and how to push further and ask deeper questions.

Philosophy and religion are offered together as a single major. Within this major you will undertake compulsory courses introducing you to a broad variety of issues in both areas, then select courses  in either philosophy studies, or religion studies, or a combination of both.

Philosophy courses delve into a wide range of topics: how we should live as individuals and how we should organise our societies, the nature of knowledge and how (if at all) we can acquire it, and the nature of reality – features such as existence, time, the relationship between mind and body, free will and causation.

Religion courses cover the history, literature, beliefs and practices of religion, as well as a sample of the principal world religions from antiquity to the present day. You will tackle religion from a range of perspectives, including anthropology, theology, classics, education, history, philosophy and sociology.


Graduates in Philosophy and Religion are valued in the workforce for their written and verbal communication skills, their breadth of vision, their capacity for abstract reasoning, their historical and cultural sensitivity, as well as their ability to think critically and logically.

Graduates find employment in a range of sectors including: research and education; public service administration; community welfare; media and publishing; diplomatic services; and political advisory work.

Major in Philosophy and Religion at the University of Newcastle

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In addition to the Philosophy and Religion major offered within the Bachelor of Arts,  a broad range of theology courses for students interested in progressing to a specialised undergraduate, postgraduate or research degree are on offer.

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Meet our student achievers who have studied a major in Philosophy and Religion.

Katherine Gray

Student Achiever - Katherine Gray

Katherine Gray did not realise that the big questions tickling her mind in high school – regarding ethics and the nature of human perception and experience – were essentially the stuff of philosophy.

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Dylan Mead

Student Achiever - Dylan Mead

"Make sure you study something that you want to study and not what your parents, or your teachers, or even your friends want you to study," he says. "You have to remember that whatever degree you choose is only for you and your future since you will be doing all the work."

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